Hot Summer Films

Written by Gary Tomchuk

Its a great summer with several hot new releases featuring the works of world renown writers Paulo Colheo and Kahlil Gibran. And looks like the heat will continue with powerful films that are funding now.  

New Releases

Paulo Cohleo's Best Story Tracing Paulo Cohleo's journey from humble roots to eventual emergence as the prolific author of 30 books that have sold over 165 million copies, Paulo Cohleo's Best Story reveals the most unbelievable wonder of all: the man behind the masterpieces, including The Alchemist.


The Prophet by celebrated author Kahlil Gibran is among the most popular volumes of poetry ever written, selling over 100 million copies in forty languages since its publication in 1923. Gibran’s timeless verses have been given enchanting new form in this painterly cinematic adventure about freedom and the power of human expression.


Funding Now! 
UNDER THE INFLUEN$E raises one of the most important questions the American people have ever faced - has big money, global corporations and private interests gained control of our government and stolen our democracy? The film presents evidence from across the land that a new national awakening is at hand.


Rooted In Peace invites viewers to examine their values as human beings, to end the war within ourselves, our environment, and with the world. Director Greg Reitman leads viewers on a film journey to take notice of the world we live in, proactively seek ways to find personal and ecological peace, and stop the cycle of violence.


SOLD is a narrative feature film adaptation of the globally acclaimed novel by Patricia McCormick. Based on true stories, SOLD is the story of Lakshmi who journeys from a pastoral, rural village in Nepal to a gritty brothel/prison in India. Through one extraordinary girl’s story, SOLD illustrates the brutality of child trafficking.

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