New Films for EarthDay

Written by Gary Tomchuk

Earth Day’s 45th anniversary could be the most exciting year in environmental history. With several films launching for Earth Day its easy for everyone to do their part by just staying home and watching a movie as the all are available to stream online.

New Releases

Revolution looks at the effect of pollution resulting in the acidification of the oceans - our source of life. When filming Sharkwater, Director Rob Stewart saw the impact it was having on the beautiful coral reefs, and went further to learn about the less visible, but far greater impacts on all life on the planet.

Inhabit is a feature film about Permaculture, how to use ecological design, construction and water resources management that develops sustainable, regenerative and self-maintained habitat and agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems.

Planetary looks at the importance of our connection with the Earth. The lack of connection allowed the destructive cycle of the planet to be externalized. Interestingly, astronauts when they were physically not on the planet have had moments of deepest connection - this film explores that through the lens of several wonderful thought leaders and indigenous leaders.

While it premiered last fall, Love Thy Nature launched in theaters this weekend. It features beautiful cinematography to help you fall in love with nature and help restore yourself and the planet.

Additionally 2 films that premiered recently fit the Earth Day theme: LandfillHarmonic and Bikes vs Cars.

Funding Now! Launching its funding campaign on Earth Day is the film Climate

Social Impact Media Awards SIMA is the first documentary and educational impact media competition + awards honoring members of both the independent film and global humanitarian industries. See the 2015 Winners here.

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