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The Evolution of Organic brings us the story of organic agriculture, told by those who built the movement. A motley crew of back-to-the-landers, spiritual seekers and farmers’ sons and daughters rejected modern chemical farming and set out to invent organic alternatives. California was the soil where the movement grew – from a small band of rebels on the fringe to a cultural transformation in the way we grow and eat food. By now organic has gone mainstream -- bifurcated into an industry oriented toward bringing organic to all people; and a movement that has matured into a sustainable vision of agriculture.
The Evolution of Organic is not just a history, but looks forward to exciting and important futures: the next generation of growers who are broadening and deepening organic; what lies “beyond organic” in terms of a healthy planet with healthy food for all living things; Soil Will Save Us, an earth-shaking scenario of carbon farming as a solution to climate change.
The Evolution of Organic is being made by the team that behind Academy Award nominee Berkeley in the Sixties and A Fierce Green Fire, the first big-picture synthesis of environmental movements. Mark Kitchell is producing and directing with Veronica Selver editing. Organic insiders Sibella Kraus and Bob Scowcroft are collaborating.