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Chicago Social Change Film Festival

Chicago Social Change Film Festival


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October 13, 2017
The Chicago International Social Change Film Festival's (Social Change) mission is to provide a platform for filmmakers of all experience levels from all over the world to tell untold truths via film. Beyond showcasing eye-opening stories and injustice via film for the world to see, Social Change helps elevate filmmakers also by giving them international exposure and distribution opportunities to aid in their ability to reward them for their hard work, create the change desired, and provide support necessary for them to continue to film life-changing works. The Social Change Film Festival is not just a film festival, it is an incredible experience that draws people from all over the world.


Because the Social Change Film Festival doesn't just bring together film-lovers, it brings together people from all sectors and walks of life.


Because the Social Change Film Festival is a three-day experience at Chicago's largest theaters (Showplace Icon Theaters) that features not just inspiring films; but also:
- Robust discussions with people from all over the world with their own unique experiences and perspectives;
- A red-carpet to bring out the fashion lovers;
- Opportunities to create change for the newly inspired film viewers; and,
- Fun-filled receptions where friends are made and networks are bolstered.

It's THE event you won't want to miss!

Inspiring films + a diverse audience + robust discussion + action opportunities = change.


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