The latest science reveals that we are not victims of unchangeable genes, nor should we buy into a scary prognosis. The fact is...
‘Happening’ is personal journey into the dawn of the clean energy era as it creates jobs, turns profits, and makes communities stronger and...
Crazy…or wise? The traditional wisdom of indigenous cultures often contradicts modern views about a mental health crisis. Is it a ‘calling’ to grow...
As a young woman, Jane Goodall began a life-long study of wild chimpanzees that revolutionized our understanding of primate behavior. Jane, a documentary...
Awareness Film Festival

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Los Angeles

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October 05, 2017
The mission of the Awareness Film Festival is bringing awareness and to open eyes to some of our world's pressing issues: Ecological, Political, Health/Well Being and the Spirit. We showcase both Documentary and Narrative Features, as well as Short Films, Music Videos and Public Service Announcements. We have filmmaker Q&A's, filmmaker Panels, as well as conscious art and music.  Zen Den takes place with healing treatmens and classes. The Awareness Film Festival was formed by Heal One World, a non-profit charity. This Festival is also a fundraiser for Heal One World. Any net profits from this event will go completely to charity, including our partner organizations.
This year's festival runs October 5-15 in Los Angeles, CA.  Films include:
1.5 Stay Alive
Adele and Everything After
Ai Weiwei Drifting
A Days Work
Bison Nation-Walking Sacred Sites
Break the Chain
Cheers of JOY – The Road to The Special Olympics World Games
Dancing on a Razor’s Edge: What happens when you close a border?
Detroit Under Stress
“Evolutionary Blues … West Oakland’s Music Legacy”
Free To Ride
Hard to Believe
HARE KRISHNA! The Mantra, The Movement And The Swami Who Started It All
Healing Fukushima
I Am Still Here

Intraterrestrial: A Fleeting Contact
It’s Not Just Me
Just One Drop
Jeedara the Film
Jerusalem In Line
Like I’m Flying
Lives Well Lived
Magic Pills
May I Be Happy
Nat Bates For Mayor
No More Now
Not Without Us
Partners in Healing
Party Animals
Paying the Price for Peace: The Story of S. Brian Willson
Perween Rahman: The Rebel Optimist
Political Animals
Saving the Planet, One Bite At A Time
Shingai, Where Are You?
Staring Down Fate
Show Me Democracy
The Activists: War, Peace, and Politics in the Streets

The Essential Link: The Story of Wilfrid Israel
The Evil Within
The Nuclear Requiem
The Minimalists
The Golden Age
The Peace Agency
The Poacher’s Pipeline
The Valley
Un-Inflame Me: Reversing the American Diet & Lifestyle
What doesn’t kill me
When I Stutter
Your Brain, Your Body, Your Breath; The Science of Yoga Therapy
Your Health: A Sacred Matter
Shamanic Trekker: Journey to the Source

For the full line up of films and events, see the Website


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